The Sellers House

Sellers House: Kitchen SinkSellers House: Kitchen with Old Cook StoveSellers House: Tool Room with Copper WashtubSellers House: Tool Room with Bike, Farm ImplementsSellers House: Tool Room with DrillsSellers House: Pantry Shelves with DishesSellers House: Pantry with Closeup of CansSellers House: Pantry ShelvesSellers House: Living Room, Original & Period FurnishingsSellers House: Living Room FireplaceSellers House: EntrySellers House: Drawing Room with FireplaceSellers House: Drawing Room with Writing DeskSellers House: Drawing Room Showing Vintage Clothing

Our original building, "The Sellers House," was built in 1830 by Joseph Sellers for his bride, Salome. Salome was born in 1800, the daughter of Captain Edward and Deborah Cushman Sylvester. Her father was descended from Mayflower stock and served in the American Revolution, thus Salome is a Real Daughter of the Revolution. Joseph and Salome had six children, four of whom died. 

Salome Sellers

Salome was a member of the Martha Washington Benevolent Society and was active in the Temperence movement. Joseph died at home during the Civil War, and Salome continued to keep house for her youngest son. Salome often entertained mariners returning from the sea, and she had many visitors throughout her life. It is said that sailors felt it was good luck to visit Salome before going to sea. Salome lived into the 20th century, dying at age 108, the oldest woman in Maine.

The Sellers House was acquired and restored in 1960 by the newly formed Historical Society and was extensively restored again in 2002. It is furnished with many articles which belonged to Salome, as well as furnishings from other island homes of the same period. Mannequins display some of the Society's amazing collection of clothing worn by local people in bygone years.

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