Museum & Archives

Fossils & Artifacts in Museum

Marine exhibits include paintings, ship models, fishing gear, items related to marine trans-portation, and memorabilia from the America's Cup defenders "Defender" and "Columbia," both manned by Deer Isle mariners. Rotating exhibits include a wide variety of island artifacts ranging from indian tools and arrowheads to articles from various trades such as millinery, shoemaking, quarrying, and the Pants Factory. The original Deer Isle Jail is also on display.

Dr. B. Lake Noyes

The Archives bulding contains a remarkable collection of historical materials and books.  Among the most treasured of these resources are the genealogical archives compiled by the late Dr. B. Lake Noyes [left, 1940], a Stonington physician from 1895-1945, to whom all of us with an interest in tracing their island roots owes a great debt of gratitude. Photo courtesy of DISHS Postcards book; see Gift Shop.

The Archives also houses hundreds of photographs, with special emphasis on the age of steamboats as the major form of transportation in the area. It is our only heated building and is open to researchers year-round.

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