Waitin' on Trade and Truckin' Along

I got my drivers license in 1942 or ’43 and got a summer job clerking in Ted Boyce’s grocery store (now Boyce’s Motel).  That meant I got to drive the delivery truck.  That was like going to heaven and getting paid for it.  Of course, the main part of the job was waiting on the customers. I think I told you the story about the canned milk display [see Workin’ at the Store].  That was only one of several disasters that took place when Jasper Wyman and I “waited on trade.”  Ted must have had a heart of gold and the patience of Job to put up with us. 

One day I took the truck over back of Kay Cleveland’s house for a delivery and while backing up, I put one set of rear wheels off over a stone wall.  All of a sudden I’m looking at the sky and the truck is teetering on this stone wall.  I ran all the way back to the store and told my story of woe to Ted.  I’m near to crying as Ted tells me, “Go wait on trade.”  

Later on Ted says “Len Judkins just brought the truck back in one piece, so take a bag of cracked corn and an order of groceries up to Oceanville, and try to stay out of the ditch.”  Well, I got up to Oceanville okay, but I ran out of gas at Tea Hill turn.  I ran all the way back to the store where I told Ted my latest story of woe.  Ted said, “Go wait on trade.”  Pretty soon Ted told me that “Len just showed up with your truck, and he gassed it up for you too.”  

Well, I guess that’s enough for one day.  That’s Ted’s thinking, not mine!

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