Soap Salesmen

My best friend, Lloyd Brimigion, and I got into retail sales early on.  Frank Webb had a real nice grocery/hardware store where the quarry museum is now located. He got a lot of Isle au Haut trade because he had a nice dock right by the store.  Anyway, Frank had a good deal for us.  He  wanted us to sell “Arrow” soap flakes, door to door.  He had a brand new four-wheel wagon that we could use to haul the boxes of soap flakes; if we sold enough, the wagon became ours to keep. 

Well, we hauled that wagon and boxes of “Arrow” flakes around town, up to Burnt Cove, Tea Hill, Clam City, and finally to Isle au Haut, where Lloyd’s aunt, Althea Turner, said come on down and stay as long as you like.  We did, and we washed Isle au Haut with “Arrow” soap flakes! 

Montelle L. “Monty” Small

June 2014

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