Skating at the Meadow

Ames Meadow (sometimes pronounced “Amezez”—at least that’s the way I said it) was down Clam City Road, now called Indian Point Road because it sounds more “genteel.”  The “Meadow” is what’s called a “eutrophic” pond, as it has gradually filled in with algae and pond lilies.  

Back in the ’40s it was a sizable pond and great for skating.  Lots of night skating and bonfires. The Ames brothers, Calvin and Burt, never tried to stop us from skating or building bonfires, and we never did had any problems, to my knowledge.  Burt would walk across the pond to cut wood over on the far side, and come noon Calvin would come out of the house and blow a horn (it looked like a cow’s horn) and pretty soon Burt would walk out of the woods on his way to dinner.  Yes, that pond was pretty busy all winter long with skaters of all ages.

[Ed. Note:  Here is the pond during the summer.]

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