“Pacific Yellowfin"

The Yellowfin as a fish is a particular type of tuna whose fins are yellowish in color.  They are a large gamefish and are generally found in the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the west coast of the U.S. and Canada.  The “Pacific Yellowfin” as a boat is a beautiful small pleasure cruiser working out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  What makes her interesting to us is the fact that she started life in 1943 at the Stonington-Deer Isle Yacht Basin, now Billings Diesel & Marine Service.

pacific yellowfin -3-

Not too long ago I was doing a little research on the boats built at the yard during the war.  As a high school kid, I worked at the yard on weekends and during school vacation.  Somehow, I came across the “Pacific Yellowfin” web site, http://www.pacificyellowfin.com.  I could hardly believe my eyes.  Here was what appeared to be one of our boats, built at the yard in 1943, and now 70 years later she’s a beautiful craft carrying passengers on a cruise along the western Canadian coastline.  

Further research proved that she was indeed one of ours.  I contacted the owner, who is also the Captain, and he was overjoyed to finally find out when and where she was built.  Their website fully states her place of birth and also notes that she still runs, 70 years later, on her two original Atlas diesel engines.

So take a look at the website and take pride in knowing that boats built in Stonington on Deer Isle, Maine, are beautiful and built to last.

Montelle L. “Monty" Small

June 2014


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