Number, Please

The telephone office was up over Frank Webb’s store.  Muriel Fifield and Dora Beatrice were the two operators that I remember.  Back in 1946 I had just graduated from Maine Maritime Academy in Castine and gotten a job as 3rd Engineer on the SS Alma Victory for American Export Lines.  We had loaded grain in Galveston, Texas, and were due to sail for India. 

I wanted to call my folks, Harold and Alda Small, before we sailed that night.  I made the phone call, and I heard the operator making connections in Washington, Boston, Ellsworth, and finally Stonington.  I heard Muriel ringing my folks, but there was no answer, and I was so disappointed that I wouldn’t get to talk with them before we sailed around midnight. 

Then I heard Muriel say to the other operator: “Tell him his folks have gone to Lodge but should be home in another two hours.” Sure enough, I called back later and got them. Try and get that sort of personalized service today!  Those days of the telephone operator are long gone.

Montelle L. “Monty” Small

June 2014

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